Hi! I'm Ashley!
Picture taken by SJ2 Photography

A Jesus follower.
Married to my best friend.
A fur momma who loves all furry animals.
AND probably the biggest dork you will probably ever meet.

This is my incredible handsome husband, Travis. 

Picture take by SJ2 Photography
He is:
My best friend and the man of my dreams. 
hero for many, including mine.
Super HOT!
Crazy obsessed with The Ohio State University.
And can make everyone around him LAUGH constantly.
He makes me want to be a better person.

We met in 2009 and fell instantly in love. After being together for 3 months, he got a job opportunity in Phoenix and took it.

I moved across country to be with him in 2010, after doing the long-distance relationship for a year.

Picture taken by Timeless Essence Photography
We adopted our puppy, Tatum, from a local shelter soon afterwards.

In 2011, we adopted the most lovable cat, Archie, from a local rescue group. Sadly, he went to heaven in 2012 {we say it's because he was the most awesome cat on earth that all the kids in heaven wanted to play with him}. We miss him so terribly much.

During the summer of 2011, Travis got on his knee and proposed. :)

Picture taken by Timeless Essence Photography
We found little Trig wondering around in 2012 and fell instantly in love with him.

We got married in 2012. Our best decision ever.

Picture taken by SJ2 Photography
We adopted Jax and Payson in 2013.

 We enjoy life as Mr. and Mrs., but decided to try to something new.

 We started fostering fur babies.

Then one day, Trav mentioned after church that we started fostering children. I thought it was a crazy idea, and first said no. But then God kept putting it on my heart. 

And here we are :) Follow along in our journey!

Please note: 
*I blog our journey in life; we're blessed in every minute of it. We couldn't ask for much more. 
*I don't proof read my posts. After all I'm just blogging to remember our life so we can remember things.
*Sadly, a lot of the pictures are missing in the posts. I am slowly trying to go and fix them, but it's taking a much longer time than I would ever imagine. Maybe one day they will all be fixed.

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