Friday, September 2, 2016

Keep Calm and call Batman!


Travis gets ready in the dark.

How he does that, I don't really know. He doesn't like lights in the morning. But a few days ago, he did decide to put a night light in the bathroom for when he gets ready. Thankfully he did that, because well...

He got up and went to get ready once he got out of the shower. He hangs his clothes up for the next day in the bathroom. He shook out his pants, and what he thought was my underwear fall out (sometimes my pesky underwear get stuck in other clothes doing laundry, story of my life), but realized it moved, so then he thought it was a rat. He then turned the light to catch a better glimpse of what it was.

He woke me up, but he couldn't finish his sentence, "There's a ... There's a...." 
What is it man??!!
So I just assumed, it was a spider (poor guy is scared of spiders, although he says he's not that scared of spiders, lol). So yah, I just laughed at him. "A spider?"
"There's a BAT in our BATHROOM!!!"

And with all the commotion going in the room, the dogs didn't even flinch.
They may have opened their eyes, but that's about it.
Didn't bother to see why mom and dad were running around the house.
They must have thought that this is a daily occurrence  and we act this way all the time? 
Or they are just lazy in the morning. LOL.

Anyways, so Trav runs and gets an oven mitt. It's a pretty sturdy one (thankfully because the bat is trying to bite him) and puts the little guy outside. The bat just lays on our front porch and isn't moving. "Awww! I hope he's going to be okay. He's so cute!" I exclaim (as he just tried bitting my husband). We turn off the lights hoping he'll be okay (we actually like bats and want to put up a bat house soon). The little guy flew off after a couple minutes or so (he was probably in a lot of shock with just what happened). 

So yah, that was a good start to the day at six in the morning! LOL. So now we joke that Trav is batman and I'm his batwoman! Haha! And we still have no idea how a bat got in our bathroom!

Moral of story: Remember to shake out your pants!

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