Saturday, August 20, 2016

MI Road Trip

Trav went on an all guy's golfing trip to Traverse City, and Arcadia with his dad and brother. I met Trav on the last day of their trip, where we stayed at Crystal Mountain Resort. Trav picked up a groupgolfer deal, and when I got there, the first question I asked myself was, "Where am I?" It was crazy big. Michigan is having a lot of rain lately, but thankfully it cleared a lot of our trip.

Crystal Mountain Resort:
We had no idea that Crystal Mountain Resort would be such a family place, so a couple with no kids really didn't seem to fit in. But there was a pool, so we found ourselves most of the day while we waited for our room.

I was really kind of dissapointed with the food that they food and the service at the Thistle Pub & Grille. We went back to eat another time because we thought we may have just got a bad server/ and perhaps I didn't pick the best thing to eat, but when we went back for a second time, we ended up leaving before we order since we just sat a table with no waitress that would come to our table. We ended up going to the Wild Tomato Restaurant & Bar, and the service and the food was WAY better :) 

Our room at the Hamlet was disappointing as well. It was really outdated, it smelled like walking into a hair salon. Plus, the ceiling had black things on the wall. So, for being such a good resort, we weren't impressed. 

But, there was a slide!

And that was pretty awesome.

And they had ice cream. So you didn't find us complaining about that. LOL.

With the deal we purchased, Trav got free golf. The next morning we got up at six in the morning to get there by seven. We were there so early, that they still had sprinkles going on with almost every hole.


Later that day, we tried to drive some of the coast.



A guy who ended up golfing with Travis this morning recommended Sleeping Bear Dunes. 

Sleeping Bear Dunes:



Some of those little specks are actually people. I would have actually love to go down there with Trav, but I was scared that since I really haven't been to the gym since baby L has been with us, that I wouldn't be able to get up. {Note: Baby L was with her parents during this time since her visits are getting extended before she is reunited with them}

Crystal Lake:

Somewhere off roading:
One thing that is awesome about having a Garmin, is that it will show you other roads while you're driving. So Trav found a little detour and found this little hidden gem. 




Traverse City:

Since we were traveling and weren't really sure where we wanted to stay, we tried calling that day about a place to stay. Not a good idea. Everything was starting to sound booked, unless we wanted to pay $499 for a night. That is a little out of our budget, so when we called Best Western, they were half the price. Then they gave us a room that we've never been in before and what was even better, was that we got breakfast in the morning. :) After a long day of traveling, we were pretty excited to relax a little.

Coming Home:
My FIL golf ball. It made me laugh when I found it. Like he is saying his shots are "money". LOL.

This just made me laugh, as Trav calls our society as a "trophy society"

And we happened to get a good report about our zoo :)

We loved our little road trip and it was nice to get away for a bit!

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