Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Little Mud on the Tires

Since being a proud Jeep owner, we have always felt like, our jeep can get through anything. Right?! I mean, it's a Jeep?! That's what they stand for. I have a mud, snow, sand, etc gear options. So when a friend asked us to go on a trail for cancer research, we were all in. I don't really know how many people showed up, but we were guessing there was probably around 200 Jeeps there, and people who came from other states to be here.

It rained a lot the day of the trail ride, causing delay after delay until we could go on the trail. Our Jeep didn't really fit in because we were probably the only stock car there. Sadly, our car was marked as a beginning trail. We were thinking the trail would be like a circle for beginners and wanted to go on the intermediate trail like everyone else was (there were a few in the extreme line). As we prepared to finally be able to go on our trail, hours after the delay, we saw tons of people letting out their tires. Nah we thought to ourselves. I mean we're going on the easy trail, right?! They also announced that they were making everyone basically go back a trail, so those intermediate people would be doing the beginner trails, and for the people like us on the beginning trail (we would be going just out to play for 10 minutes) because of all the rain and mud making our trail, without with the right equipment, barley able to pass. We were just excited to get our tires dirty, and that it was finally go time!

So here we are just able to play in the mud for 10 minutes. We barley could get up the small little hills (if you could call it that) and then we got to a mud pit. Mind you, we were following a Hummer that was in front of us. {Warning, I did cuss in this video, lol}

And we got stuck. Thankfully, another Jeep was able to pull us down from the top of the hill.  LOL.

It was a tad embarrassing.

But, there were a lot of people getting stuck, so they ended up closing the trails down about an hour after we left (some people were still waiting to get on the trails).

Maybe we'll do it again next year, but only if it is dry.

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