Monday, May 16, 2016

Fostering: Organizing Clothes & Items

Coming from the midwest, I was surprised to learn that when we moved to Arizona and Tennessee to find out no one had a basement! {Okay, so I could understand in AZ, but I was in complete shock when there was no basements in TN)

So when we moved back to the midwest, I was SOOO excited to have a basement!! With the house we got, we asked to keep all the shelves in the basement, and it has come in sooooo handy with everything I need to organize, especially all the fostering items.

With being new to fostering, one of the questions I remember asking myself was, "How am I going to organize all this stuff?!" Coming from having no kids, to gather items for ages newborn-5 (both genders) in a little bit of time, was a bit overwhelming.

So a good way to organize is key! :) I gathered totes and inside I organized the clothes by size by using paper grocery bags. I am hoping this will work, but, we will see :) 

The clothes are organized by gender, size (0-18 months, 24 months (2T) or 5t, size 4 and above in case some of the kids wear a little bit bigger clothes.) Toys are divided by age, but then some of the more older toys are divided by gender (if they want to play with the other gender's toys, that's fine too), but it just makes it easier on me to know where the dolls are vs. the cars are).

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  1. I bet you're both doing a wonderful job at it!


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