Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Updates

Spring has arrived, and the weather around here is NUTS

Trav got home in time to borrow the neighbor's aerator that he rented, so as soon as he jumped on, it started to rain.
Then it POURED. Thankfully, Trav put his waders to good use!

As soon as he was all done, the sun came out. Imagine that.

Some days, it has been nice. 
{Trav is training for a half marathon in May. While he was running, 
I was riding my bike being his cheerleader and his water girl ;) }

Then on April 2nd, it looked like this:
And apparently, this is in our forecast for this weekend. And every other day has been rain.

But all I really want to do is start a garden and make our yard look "purdy":

Especially because Spring is officially here since we have this sweet little surprise: 

So come on nice weather, I'm waiting for you <3

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