Monday, April 25, 2016

Rachel's Tears

One thing I have realized that when I grow more spiritually is that I don't really care about reading books that have no meaning. My role models are not famous people anymore either, rather they are people like Katie Davis and Rachel Scott. They are people that go against the odds to carry out their faith.

Rachel's Tears has excerpts from her private journals to God. Her mother, Beth Nimmo, and her father, Darrell Scott with Steve Rabey do a remarkable job of telling about Rachel's life. 

This book inspired me in so many ways, that I recommend it as a must read.  I hope one day to live my life like Rachel's, full of faith, and teach our children the same things.

Quotes from the book:

-Everyone wrestles with questions about good and evil, asking how God can permit bad things to happen in the world. We continue to wrestle with these same issues, and we certainly don't have all the answers. But in some ways, the losses we have endured have helped us experience a deeper level of trust in God and a more accepting faith that He knows exactly what He is doing.
-During the final hours before she and others were shot, Rachel drew a prophetic picture in her journal showing her eyes crying thirteen tears that were watering a rose.
-Forgiveness is not just for the offender. It is also for the one who is offended. If we do not forgive, we end up in perpetual anger and bitterness and eventually offend others with our words or actions. If we forgive, we experience a "letting go" or cleansing process that frees us from the offender... Unforgiveness blocks God's ability to flow through us to help others... God wants us to overcome evil with good.
-Even more surprising was the way she sought not to escape problems, but asked God to use them to teach her things... she knew weakness is where God's strength is made perfect in all of us.
-I think Rachel understood that being a Christian and taking up the cross meant that we lay down our need for control, giving the control up to God. She saw that Christianity meant submitting. She knew that God's grace touches us most deeply when we are weak, not when we are strong.
-"You lost. You passed up the chance to gain something. You just let a wonderful flame go past you and into the hands of another. Let his be known, child, when you do not follow through with the boldness and knowledge I have given you, more than one person is affected by it. You are as well as they."
-Security comes from understanding what it means to be in Christ, and significance comes from understanding that the Christian walk is not me being somebody. It's not me being famous. It's not me being great. It's Jesus being Himself in me.
-"At Columbine, she didn't preach to people; she just was Jesus to people. She defined what a lot of churches say is the right way to evangelize people."
-Often church people seem to put all kinds of barriers in people's way before we will reach out to them. Sometimes we expect unchurched people to behave nicely, use pleasant language, and live sinless lives. But Jesus never put those kind of barriers in people's way. He reached out to them, no matter where they were.

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