Friday, April 1, 2016

The Waiting Game

A suspicious death of a little girl.
My heart breaks as I read the headline.

In the comments section of the headline, people comment on how the system failed her.  I think the system tries to do it's best with what resources it has, but, the resources have to be few. {In the state of Texas, there is such a need for foster families, that children are sleeping in CPS offices}. There are not many resources here. There is a need for foster families, and many criticize, but many of these people are not willing to become foster families or somehow get involved with things to help these children.

Although we are not even licensed yet, I can already see where the system has failed. To become a foster parent, there are SO many rules and regulations. People may not be patient enough to go through the training, yet filling out the paperwork. And those who do (like us), have to wait up till a year to get approved because everything takes so long. So many things can happen while waiting for the fostering approval, that by the time they may get approved, that they may have things going on in their life, where they may not want to do the fostering anymore.

With almost every other month, we thought we were done with the process. We thought we would have kids by the end of one month, then another month, but after hoping for one month after another, I'm thinking it's going to be another couple of months, and if that doesn't happen, I wouldn't be surprised. Another friend who is going through the process has been waiting for a year (literally). She had to contact someone because if you don't get licensed within a year, then you have to refill out the paperwork (and that's the last thing you want to do).

I'm sure, all those who are already foster parents, have a burn out or are going to. When we went to our orientation, we were told that many people don't sign up to be emergency fostering (which they need as well), and that we would get a call every day.

Every single day.

That is how much need there is, but yet, it can take up to a year to become licensed. That doesn't make ANY sense. It just makes me sad, because we have our hearts and homes ready, and yet, we are still waiting. And I wonder about the kids we could have gotten if we had already been approved by now.

What if we gotten this little girl? We would have kept her safe. She would have felt loved.

There are so many other kids that need to feel safe and loved. This is what we want to do, yet we can't take a single step forward.

The thing that frustrates me the most is I know that God wants us to do this, but the process keeps getting delayed. I know it's in His timing, but don't understand that since we have our hearts and our home open, then why aren't we in the next step yet? God must be trying to prepare us in some sort of way, because once we get involved, there will be no looking back.

I'm just no good at this waiting game.

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