Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fostering Timeline

8.4.15 - Contacted with a foster coordinator {they help you find local agency's}
8.5.11 - Left a message with an agency
8.11.15 - Asked God what he wanted with my life, because wasn't sure why the agency wasn't calling back and maybe I was supposed to do something else. Later that day, I got the call back about fostering.
8.15.15 - Actually spoke to someone about being interested in fostering
9.24.15 - Went to the first orientation
10.9.15 - First home visit
{in between: finished up house, training, scheduled Dr. apts, and lots and lots of paperwork}
10.31.15 - Fingerprints
11.24.15 - New licensor assigned
1.20.16 - Second home visit {Licensor took all of our paperwork & started the paperwork process}
3.11.16 - Paperwork turned into supervisor to look over as a rough draft, however, still waiting on a background check
3.29.16 - All background checks complete {took Indiana a month and a half for their background check to come back}
4.11.16 - Licensor dropped off last thing to sign before sending off to state
4.12.16 - Paperwork sent to state!!!!!!!!!!!!
4.15.16 - Asked if we would be interested in a long time placement after we get approved; turned it down since we weren't looking for a long term placement at the time.
5.2.16 - Heard back from state, needed some house information, information sent back to state
5.11.16 - Licensor called to say status officially changed to OPEN!!!! Was asked about another possible placement, but the child ended up going to another agency.
5.17.16 - Our FIRST placement!!! :) :) :) :)  Knew the next day that we wanted to be our placements long term foster home.

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