Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fostering FAQ

We have gotten so many questions since we shared that we wanted to foster, that I thought I would answer some of your questions. I will add more questions as questions are asked & update answers when we get some more experience :)


Q. What made you want to foster? 
I was dead set on adoption, and had no intention on fostering. Travis actually brought it up after church one day {God must have been trying to reach him, although Travis doesn't remember this}, and at first my mind couldn't even imagine it. We've fostered dogs, but we got to choose which house that they went to afterwards. If we fostered kids, we have no picking whatsoever and that would be hard to know that the kids we may take care of may end up going back to a neglectful/abusive home and my mind couldn't wrap around it. Fostering would be a tough thing, but after Travis mentioned it, I kept getting nudges and my mind kept wandering about fostering. I don't know the exact day that we decided we would open up our hearts and home to kiddos, but we prayed about it A LOT. If it were meant to be, God would make it possible. We just needed to trust in Him that He would provide the guidance and the strength that we would need.

Q. Aren't you scared you're going to get attached?
Our hearts are already in this, so yes, we know we will get attached and that our hearts will grieve once they leave our home. But our biggest worry is what if no one shows that child love? Although these kiddos may leave our home, they will always be in our hearts, and we will think about them and pray for them for the rest of our lives.

Q. What type of kids did you agree to take in? What kind of fostering are you going to do?
Our list is newborn - 5 years old, either gender. We said we would take in drug addicted, abused, neglected, ADHD kiddos in. We were planning on starting off with emergency fostering with for one child. With emergency, they may need to stay with us for a night and can stay with us up until 2 weeks. However, with our first placement, we knew we wanted to do it for longer term. Eventually, I think we will be able to take more than one in a time as well, but we first need to see how it goes with one placement at a time. 

Q. Why don't you just try having your own kids?
We feel like there is something bigger in life and that we want to help others in life. What would be better than to open our hearts and our homes? God has been answering our prayers about fostering and providing a path for us. We hope that God will bless us with our own, but if not, we are okay with that. We haven't started trying for our own yet.

Q. What happens if you have kids of your own, will you still foster?
This is where Travis and I disagree. We're not really sure yet. I believe if that time comes, we will face it. 

Fostering Process

Q. When did you start the process?

The first thing we did as a couple was to pray about wanting to fostering and to see if it was something that God wanted us to do. Our personal fostering process timeline is here.

Q. How challenges did you face during the process?

During the licensing process, we first had to get our house ready. We just moved into the house, and the first step that our agency wanted to do was a home visit. So there were some things that we needed to have fixed. Everything seemed to be a long drawn out process - even something as simple as getting our drivers license or getting a physical scheduled. When we finally thought we would be done, something else would happen to prolong the process. The background checks were one of the last things that were looked at (even though it probably should have been one of the first things to be checked on), but it took a month and a half for Indiana's background check to be completed. We also had licensors change during the process, which I think if we just stuck with one, the process would have been completed a lot faster. I wish there was a checklist that would tell you what to do step-by-step, but there isn't. And honestly, every time I felt like we were so close, there always seemed to be a delay of some sort.

Q. Can you pick the kind of children you want?

You can pick out the gender, their ages, how many kids you want to take at once, etc. We were able to also pick out which kind of situations we wanted to take in. In different states it varies, but in our state, we can choose if we want to do emergency, short or long term fostering. There is even a fostering-to-adopt option as well. 

Q. I might want to foster too! Where do I start?
This is so, SO wonderful! The first thing I would recommend is to check out some foster websites and blogs. {This website website is a good place to start}. Pray about it, and see if it is something that keeps tugging at your heart. In our state, we were lucky to have a foster care navigator who helped us find an agency and checked in with us every 2 weeks to see how the process was going. (this is optional, and I don't know if every state has these wonderful people}. Do research on agency's, and check into them. Once you find an agency, set up an orientation. Fill out an application. This will lead to tons of paperwork and home visits. You share your whole life with these people. You will need criminal background checks for every state you have lived in, a physical for every family member, etc. Also, there is different training for every state. If you decide to do this, I would love to hear your journey!


  1. What wonderful hearts you have. I work with a lot of looked after children and all they want is love and security. I know you and Trav will provide just that.

    1. Aww thanks!!! I sure hope so, because sometimes I feel like I have no idea what we are doing. But I do know that we can love these kiddos and give them a safe place to be.
      <3 Ash


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