Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Our House is a Zoo :)

Sometimes, I wonder the foster kids will be bored at our house since we don't have any kids of our own. Then, I am reminded of little C telling all of his friends, "Travis and Ashley have 2 dogs and 2 cats!!!!" So apparently our house is pretty awesome and best of all, kid approved. Haha.

Even though our very own littles aren't human, our fur babies are characters (to say the least). They each have their own quirks, making each one of them adorable ;)


*He'll bark at his own food for no reason. He'll also bark to make sure you know he's outside and that he wants in. He can be very impatient.

*Tatum runs to greet you and wants a kiss from his mom and dad whenever we come home.
*His presence is known by loud footsteps going up/down the stairs.
*If Trig is on a bed, Tatum will lick him enough for Trig to get annoyed and get off the bed. Tatum will immediately lay on the bed and take up the entire thing. However, if a cat is on the dog bed, Tatum will usually go lay in the cat bed and leave the cat alone.
*He will go to bed without you. If he's tired, he will just head to bed. And trying to get him to go outside to go potty after he goes to bed is a struggle.
*Tatum snores sometimes. It can even wake you up in the middle of a deep sleep.
*During the winter, he expects you to wrap him up in a blanket, if not, you will see him pouting until you remember to put the blanket on him. Talk about spoiled!
*Tatum hates water. If he knows he has to take a bath, he just shakes. Once he gets out of the shower, Trig will lick him trying to make him feel better. Once Tatum is dry, he is happy when we put his collar on (a little weird).

*He loves the fireplace, and has to be so extremely close to it. He would sometimes get so close to the fireplace, he would break out in hives, but he didn't mind. And although we would move him further away, he would try to keep getting closer. 


*Trig will lick you to death. This is how he won me over when I found him wandering Arizona.
*When Trig goes outside, he usually will run to the back corner of the yard, and jump on a tree to bark at any squirrels (regardless if there is one in the tree or not). He is on squirrel patrol.
*He'll squeak his squeaky toy non-stop. Till you go insane. If you take one away, he finds another. And he has a billion squeaky toys.
*He usually follows his momma everywhere.
*He loves to play ball, and once you get started, there is no stopping him.
*When Tatum kicks him off the dog bed, Trig will curl himself into the cat bed.
*Trig really, really loves laying on the couch, even though he's not supposed to, and doesn't mind being caught because he knows those moments were so worth it.
*Trig also looks really good in sunglasses!

Jax: (aka, Bobby. A friend started calling him a Bob Cat "Bobby" for his little nubs)
*Jax likes water (as long as he's not IN the water) and LOVES to play in it.
*Jax has the same routine every morning. Once Trav gets up and opens the door, Jax is stretching and RUNS and beats Trav into the bathroom. He jumps on the counter and has to try to get in the water, and rubs against Trav. 
*When it is my turn to get up, and open the door to the bathroom to get ready for the day, Jax is up on the counter. This time, he is trying to open up a drawer where he has to get out as many hair ties as he can and drops them on the floor. He will eventually run off with one. You usually find a couple as you walk throughout the house. *FYI: Watch animals around hair ties, it could harm them if they eat them. Jax has been playing with these since we got him, and I have never seen him try to eat one, and the other animals don't care about it*
*Jax doesn't talk much, but once in a while, he talks to the birds.
*He also likes to see the chipmunks in the window.
*Jax is found everywhere and getting into everything.
*He can also be a very good cuddler and he will put his arm as a reminder not to get up.


*Payson will come to the name "Possum" because that's what Trav has been calling him since he was little.
*Every morning as we open the bedroom door, he has to come running in with Jax. Unlike Jax, he starts to talk to me in the morning as he runs and jumps on our bed. I will ask him how his night went and if there is anything he needs to update me on. He is the most talkative, and many of the times his when he talks, I swear it sounds like, "Mom!" 
*Sometimes, he'll just talk loud enough for one of us to go to see what he is up to. And he's not usually up to anything, he's just talking because he can.
*When going to feed the zoo, Payson runs in the room and lays and rolls on the floor.
*Since Payson was little he lays on my chest. As he has gotten bigger, it becomes uncomfortable, but, he's so cute, you just continue to let him sleep there. It's even more fun to watch him do this to other people when they don't expect it.
*Payson loves dogs, but doesn't like other cats? Payson, really didn't like when we were fostering kitten Ollie. He would hiss at the poor little Ollie and would refuse to be in the same room as Ollie.
*He thinks he's human and whenever we're in the kitchen, he is sitting on a stool.
*Payson almost always sleeps with one arm hanging off when laying on the couch.
*Lately, every time we go to bed, we find Payson laying on one of the dog's bed. Since we turn on the light, Payson always takes a while for his eyes to adjust. He will refuse to move, and Tatum and Trig won't get on their bed with Payson laying on it. Apparently, that's a good spot, because now Jax does the same thing on the other bed. LOL.

Our zoo may be crazy, but we love it!

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