Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Arizona 2016

If you ever think about flying Allegiant, you might want to reconsider. Our flight kept getting delayed, but we still showed up at 7 pm because their communication isn't always the greatest. They told us they wouldn't be around later to check in bags, so we left our bags there, but we would still have to come back. At this time, we had a feeling our flight would be canceled (a similar thing happened to my parents when they came to visit us in AZ). We hung out with Trav's brother until he drove us back to the airport.

They told us that we should stick around at 11 because although we are getting messages that this flight was delayed, that a new flight could show up and take off without letting us know, but they wouldn't be there before 11, so to come back around that time. They told us there was about to be a flight about to leave, and that they wouldn't have sent a crew where they wouldn't have too many hours. So sometime at 1 AM, they finally told us our flight was canceled, because the flight crew had too many hours. Because of having too many flying hours, our new flight would be at 2 pm the next day. Everyone was tired and cranky at this time. We weren't upset that our flight was canceled or delayed, but it took our time away from AZ. One person told us that they would miss a baptism. Others were just flying in for a weekend, which, means that they would have part of the day Sat, Sunday and Monday they would be flying back.

Tatum was happy that we came back, but wasn't happy to see us leave again.

At 2 pm, the plane was ready, but we were still waiting for the crew to arrive so we could board. Everyone started to clap once the crew arrived. *Note, we did get a $150 voucher each

When we arrived in AZ, Trav went to go get the rental car, while I tackled the baggage claim. There were a TON of people waiting, saying they thought one of them was broken, and that they have been waiting for their bags for over an hour. One of the girls from church was actually there to pick up her husband's parents who were on the same flight. I was relieved, because I didn't think she would believe all of this craziness that occured with our flight. Although we waited an hour to get our bags, as soon as they arrived, Trav got the keys to the car, and we were on our way.

When we got to town, we met up with our friends Shelly and Noah. We didn't do that much because we were so exhausted from the time change and everything that happened the night before. They knew the place to take us to get some delicious Mexican food. Trav made fun of me because I was so excited about all of the places to eat (so I have a lot of food pictures, hahaha)


This place was so good, we ate here a couple of times.

Sunday, we just hung out with friends, Matt and Dana. We sat and talked all day. We love them and miss them so much. Now, they have some of the two cutest kids ever. Little D drew a picture and said it was me with my "long" hair. LOL.

We hiked the next morning. I was really sad to be hiking one of our favorite places without Tatum (Tatum LOVED this place). But, I will say, that even when I was skinny, hiking this place has always been a little difficult for me. This day, weighing the most I have ever in my life, I kicked some butt climbing this mountain! Must be all those workout classes I'm doing, huh?! LOL.


We went to this amazing place for lunch with our friend MB. It was so good to catch up with her. I miss her a ton; she is one of the sweetest people I know. However, we were so excited, that we forgot to get a picture together, but, I did happen to snap this incredible pizza at Cibo. This is some place you should visit, the food is good, and the atmosphere is incredible, where you don't even feel like you are in Phoenix.

Do you guys remember our foster dog, Sweetie?! We went to go visit her! They now call her "Fat Pete," hahaha.


And for being a big scary pit bull, when a storm came through, she started crying and trying to get her parents attention to let them know that a birds nest fell on the ground. She didn't try eating the baby birds, instead, her momma instinct kicked in, and she felt like the only way to save them was by letting her human parents know. Sadly, the parents didn't come in time and the baby birds passed away.

Tuesday, we went up to Jerome. 

Travis always wanted to stay in some place haunted. The Jerome Grand Hotel was one of those places. It was at a time an old hospital for the miners. We did a "Haunted ghost tour" and learned of people dying here. The tour wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be (the tour of the town is a lot better), but they made it fun with all of the equipment that they provided. During the ghost tour, Trav put on a recorder, where we heard some creepy sounds in our room. Also, 

We then went to the Haunted Hamburger, which happens to have some of the best milkshakes ever {which I'm craving as I write this}, and they are known for their hamburgers. 


Even though I have a hard time believing in ghosts and all of that, Travis freaked me out right before heading to bed. So I turned on the tv (I never sleep with a tv on), said a prayer, and fell right asleep. It was actually probably one of the best night's rest I have ever gotten (actually, this whole trip was) and was happy to see that when I woke up that there was daylight. Haha. 

We SURVIVED!! :) To celebrate, we went to Red Rooster Cafe in Cottonwood, and had some wonderful food. 


We also went to a couple of Spring Training games.

One of my favorite things about Phoenix is that they have the most BEAUTIFUL sunsets. How could you ever get sick of this view?

Sadly, our trip wasn't long enough, but we were glad to be home too.

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