Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Trav PASSED his Boards!!!

Not only was graduation a big one for us because we knew life together was closer, but passing boards we know that it is FINALLY here!!!

I am soooooo super proud of the hubby! He has worked so, so, SO hard for all of this!! I was in Nashville when I found out. I remember anxiously waiting, and texting another wife to hear how our husbands did. 

Then the phone call from Trav. 
He of course was all relaxed when he called me, while I blurted out, "SOOOOOOO???" (Like it was not a day that we have waited forever for, and he waiting to tell me whether he passed or not)
I could hear him smile over the phone as he told me the good news.

We drove back from Nashville, and now we are going to go and celebrate this huge accomplishment w/ having dinner with the family! 

What a relief!!!!! So glad that this is over!!! <3

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