Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Paperwork & Waiting


I think that would pretty much describe what my life was surrounding for the last couple of months. I started the paperwork trail in October, but everything seemed to take forever.

There is fingerprints (which takes 4 weeks)
But for fingerprints you need to have your drivers license (they won't take an out of state license. So they say this takes 4 weeks.. thankfully, it didn't take as long as they said it would). Also, don't let me forget to tell you the story about this!
A physical was needed to be done. You have to book a physical a month at the earliest.
Then you have to do your training classes/paperwork.
And there is so much paperwork, where you share your entire life with complete strangers.

While we were waiting to have most of the stuff, I would probably say what took the longest was trying to get our house ready. One of the bedrooms no one could stay in because it was under construction (we bought it that way). We paid some wonderful guys to help us with our house. The only problem was that we had to work around their schedule. So this was probably a 2 month process to say the least. Thankfully, the house is ready.

It is child proof. Which is a little odd for us because we don't have kids. We're not used to this stuff. And it's weird to have people over and let them know to watch out for the baby gate! LOL.

Now, we are waiting for our licensor to start our paperwork. She stated that once it gets to a certain place, it usually takes 4 weeks. So with how things have been going, I'm assuming in 2 months we will have a child here.

So instead of preparing paperwork now, we are now preparing for children. 


If you are wondering what was in the binder, the information is below. Our licensor was impressed stating she's never seen anything like this ;) And I was happy to hand it over so I didn't have to keep looking at it! LOL. 

(Things we turned in ahead of time: application, fingerprinting, clearances)

*Birth certificates
*Drivers Licenses
*Social Security cards
*Marriage license
*Proof of income
*Monthly Household Bills
*Auto & vehicle registration
*Home owners
*Up-to-date shot records
First Aid
*First Aid Certificate
*Doctor physicals
Home Stuff
*Emergency Phone Numbers
*Evacuation Plan
*Home visit stuff
*If you have any guns, you need them licensed
*Training Questions
*Unrelated personal references
*Support person contract
*Other questionnaires

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