Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cancun 2016

Our main requirement for a trip in January: it has to be on a warm beach. Trav searched for deals, and found one on Groupon for an all-inclusive. We were so excited. When we got there, Trav and I did a little bit of exploring, but Trav was so tired from working and traveling, that he passed out. I started reading "Kisses From Katie" (which is a book I couldn't put down), so I didn't mind. Plus we would have all week to be at the beach, right?

Well... sad to say, but it rained a lot for most of our vacation. It was cold, and was rainy, which from what we heard that it's usually not like this. (So we just chose a bad time to go). But, we did end up having a couple days of sun. I felt bad for the people that were coming and all they saw was rain. 

Our Resort:





Trav made Ohio State friends of course! LOL.



Coco Bongo:
Trav went to Coco Bongo with his mom and thought it was a great time and wanted to go again. The shows were fun, but the environment was a little too crazy for me. 

Chichen Itza: 
As we were driving in town, I couldn't help but see all the
dogs laying in the street. As we went to Chichen Itza,
there were even some dogs walking around where
the people were, and they were soooo skinny, and 
looked like they had mange/fleas :( 

Our first stop was when we got lunch


We ordered a necklace. The money that you spend here helps go to schools.

We finally reached our main attraction! And it was INCREDIBLE!!! :)


When we were on our way home, we made a pit stop. In this town,
a group of girls found us and taped us as they asked
us questions in English. As Trav and I posed with the girl that
was going to interview us, I looked at the girls impressions
and had a feeling that they were video taping, not taking
a picture. Every one got a good laugh. Wish though that
we took a picture with them.

We even got to stop at a cave. :) We didn't bring our
swim suits or a towel, so we didn't get to do any swimming :(

Although it rained a lot, it was nice to relax and just be with each other. We had a wonderful time.  And an all-inclusive is the way to go!

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