Monday, December 21, 2015

Progress Has Started

Cleaning alone has made a huge difference, even on the outside of the house.

Travis' skin is really sensitive to poision ivy, so to make sure he didn't get it, I took charge of pulling weeds and cutting things down. Although it doesn't look like much, it has taken weeks to get done.  Here's what it looked like before:

Trav removed this thing in our pantry. It was added on to make more space into our pantry, however, it was more of a burden than anything because although you could move it, you could barley get an arm back there.

We started painting a lot. Every single ceiling has been painted, along with the molding and doors.


We also spray painted things.

Things started coming down - including closest doors.

And the carpet upstairs has been removed to reveal beautiful hardwood floors, including the stairs.

All of the door handles, kitchen handles and bathroom handles have been changed.

While Trav was out of town in Boston, I surprised him by painting the rest of the house downstairs. Travis surprised me by redoing the guest bathroom upstairs while I was at work :)  The only other MAJOR area that we need to redo is the master bathroom, but we finished faster than what we were thinking because of getting everything for fostering.

We also paid people to complete the room upstairs, add ceiling fans, paint the landing upstairs, change all the outlets and take wall paper off from our master bath.  

A neighbor also came over and put together a chevron wall in the nursery. It's not even, but, I really, really like it :)

Jax just liked climbing and hiding in all the stuff that we brought in and out of the house. Hahaha.


Phew! I'm glad I have these pictures to show you that progress has been made! Can't wait to show you pictures once we get more things settled.

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