Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Time 2015

Over the Christmas season:

We picked out a tree.
We got our tree here; we're classy ;)
Jax had fun helping decorating the tree.

I was finally was able to put up a Christmas decoration made by my dear friend, Lisa that we got as a wedding gift.  LOVE it!

Put out Christmas decorations:

Made Buckeyes for the neighbors and packed them in bags. Made us laugh when we realized they looked like poop bags, so we put a bow on it. HAHA.

Spent some time with little Teddy. He's getting so old, and you can def. see him slowly down a lot more lately.

Celebrated Christmas Eve with church family. My absolute favorite part about Christmas Eve is the candlelight service.

Tatum was SO excited for Christmas morning!!! He ADORES opening presents, but pouted afterwards realizing all the presents he got was toys (the vet wants them to stay away from treats). And although he got a BIG new dog bed, he could care less. And pouted for the rest of the day. Trig was happy with all of the toys, because they became all of his.


Celebrated Christmas morning with Momma L and Trey.


Then went over to my parents house.



Brittany was SOOOOOO excited about horseback riding lessons
Brit, "Dad, open your blue ray player!" Oops!
Dad was excited to show off his ND stuff to Trav.  

Teddy even got a toy!


Even though Christmas isn't about gifts, it was our first time in a couple of years that we were able to get gifts for people. We rocked it. 

Mom L - BG sweater, essential oils, speciality vinegar oil, plant
Trey - Browns jacket
Mom - Pots & Pans
Dad - giftcard to Menards
Brittany - bracelet and some charms & horseback riding
Trav - helicopter, pic of Tatum

It feels so good to give and see their faces light up with bright smiles.

But the most important thing is family. Even if you're far away. {Pic above: Grandma talking to granddaughter, Rowan} We were happy to spend the rest of the days with our aunts and uncles and cousins.

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