Monday, December 7, 2015

A Christmas Story House

When we went to go visit Trav's dad, we took a day to go hang out in Cleveland. Since it was near Christmas, we went to the Christmas Story house. The movie is supposed to take place in Hammond, Indiana, but the house that they wanted to use was in Cleveland, OH. 






Some fun facts:

*Bob Clark (the director) appeared as the family’s neighbor who looks at the leg lamp {He is wearing the Dolphins gear, even though the Dolphins didn't existed when the movie was supposed to be taking place}
*When Flick is stuck to the flagpole, there is actually a hidden suction tube, which made him look like he was stuck to the pole.
*Some of the snow that appeared is actually potato flakes since it barely snowed while taping.
*The fragile box 
*The movie was a flop. But one person bought the movie and played it all day long on his television station.

To read more fun facts, click here.

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