Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Big Red, Black Hawk

My Grandpa has always been one to take care of many things, even in some of the last things he could say. He wanted to make sure that everyone knew that he wanted me to have his car.

Hannah leaving me a love note!
I named my car Big Red. "He" was my first car when I turned 16, and I loved him. Mostly because there were some days that I felt like my grandpa was right next to me and was protecting me. Probably because I was a new, scary driver. Sometimes, I would even talk to my grandpa in the car or even put out my hand on the passenger seat, wishing that he was physically there. I should have been in more accidents than what I was in, but  I always felt protected in this little car.  This car held so many memories with friends, and taking me back and forth from work and school.

I knew about every little bump and ding in this car. My first biggest ding was when I parked Big Red in the wrong parking lot (I parked where the priest parks), I came out to my car to discover a huge ding on my drivers side. I was too scared to call the insurance company because I knew it would be 1. a lot of money, and as being a teenager, I didn't have a lot of money, and 2. I was the one who parked in the wrong parking spot. Apparently, where I parked it was a tight spot, and the priests would hit each others cars because they couldn't see, and go about their days. It's funny to think about a priest doing that, but they were older. I also remember when I came out to my car from working at another place, and found that someone had stolen all my hubcaps. 

In 2010, Big Red carried Travis and I out across the country to Phoenix. My uncle Bob replaced a dead battery with a battery that needed another replacing. Thankfully, Big Red broke down in Colorado, where we were stopping anyway to see friends. After moving to Phoenix, his air conditioning went out. Trav would drive Big Red a lot during the summer, and didn't mind the air conditioning thing as much as I did.


In 2012, Big Red carried us to Tennessee. The scariest moment of my life, of doing a 360 with ice on a bridge left me in tears, but I felt like my grandpa was there. I could have fallen off the bridge and down the hill, but I didn't. Big Red got pretty beat up that day, but I was safe. Someone was watching me. During our Tennessee trip, Big Red went with me back and forth to Indiana a couple of times, even in a bad winter storm in Indiana. Also, on my birthday one year, I went to get in my car, and the battery was dead (lol, the only reason I remember this was because I had all these coupons for free things on my birthday and I was soooo excited, but had to delay on getting a free bagel and almost a free lunch, hahaha)

Big Red survived and came to Michigan with us. By this time, he had multiple things going out with him because he was getting so old. Every time I would take him somewhere to get looked at, I think the people would think I was crazy for driving him. Then came the time where we needed to get another car. I hated the thought of having Big Red smashed in a junk yard. I wanted someone to have him would love him as much as I did. We gave him to Trav's side of the families. His cousin Connor loves him and I am sure is taking good care of him. When Big Red was driven away, I cried like a baby. Trav couldn't help but laugh a little, but also, gave me some of the biggest hugs to comfort me, but also because he was going to miss Big Red also.

"Black Hawk" is my new Jeep (an Indian name Trav came up with). A white Grand Charokee Jeep has always appealed to me. A couple days before looking at cars, I decided I would want to look at a Black Jeep. It was weird, because I never wanted to test drive cars (why it scares me, I will never know), but for some reason when they asked if I wanted to test drive him, I eagerly said yes. They also had a white Jeep, and we pulled Black Hawk next to it, but there was no comparison. I was getting Black Hawk.


Although, I don't, and probably won't have the feelings with Big Red with Black Hawk, I am warming up to my favorite features with Black Hawk. A heated steering wheel, heated butt warmers, a beautiful sunroof, and wiper speeds that don't only have two speeds: fast and faster. Hahaha. The Jeep will handle much better in the Michigan winters here, and will make me feel safer once we start carrying foster kids around.

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