Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Trav's Best Man Speech

At Dan's wedding
Ladies and Gents, I thank you all so much for traveling all this way for such a special day for Dan and Emily and their family’s.  I can honesty say that it has been a pleasure meeting both of your family’s,  I absolutely disagree with they way Dan and Emily portrayed ya’ll.

Dan and I have been friends for 20 years now.  We have been fortunate enough to have some great memories together.  Unfortunately, I can not tell you about most of them.  Not only because your view of us would change, but also I cant remember them.

There are though a couple of journeys that I would like to tell you about. 

The first journey takes place on saint pattys day 2008. (remember saint pattys day, it’s a common theme).  Dan and I decide to have a night on the town in the elaborate city of South Bend.  We also had a mutual friend that we got to hang out with that night.  Luckly, for us that mutual friend was going to be our DD that night.  So the night is going great we are having a great time.  The time comes when the establishment that were in is closing down.  As we exit the Bar were in, we see that great mutual friend who was also our DD drive  away with his windows down  waving at us, Thanks Treat (point out Treat). 

Now Dan and I get the opportunity to get a first hand view of the ghetto of south bend at 3 in the morning,  again thanks Treat.

We finally get to my place around 4 in the morning and of course after a long night of walking, you have to top it off with a frozen pizza.  Unfortanly after a long night of walking it also causes you to fall asleep while your frozen pizza is cooking.  Let me tell you if you cook a frozen pizza for 4 hours, its like a hockey puck.  Black, hard and smells like roasting cow turd.

The  next story takes place in some German city, again I cant remember where, but I can tell you what day it was,  saint pattys day!  Dan and I are having a good night celebrating an Irish holiday in a German city, neither of us is paying attention to the time or where we are.  As the night goes on.  Dan tells me that we need to get back to our hotel.  We head to the train station.  Of course all the words are in German.  We also realize that its like 2 in the morning and we have to get on the right train, because it’s the last train of the night and were like 10 miles from our hotel.  Dan and I are arguing about which way we need to go.  I wish this was the point were I could tell you that Dan told us to get on the wrong train, but I cant……  We did end up on the wrong train, but that’s all that matters.  So we pull into the next stop, get off the train.  Walk out of the train station to a nice steady rain fall, cold night, ten miles from our hotel, but there was like nothing around.  After about 30-40 min some random cab pulls up, to this day I don’t know how because we didn’t call any. Anyways, we got like a $100 cab ride back to the hotel. 

In both of these situations, Dan and I were not thrilled at our situation or how we got there or even each other. What I can tell you is that we were forced to depend on each other to get out of these situations.  Not only did we get out of them, it also made our friendship greater.  To this day, when I think about Dan, these are some of my greatest memories with him. 

To Dan and Emily, your marriage will have times that don’t go as planned.  It is up to the both of you to help each other battle to get through these tough times.  It may not always be funny when you look back at it, but every struggle you go through as a couple will make you stronger as a family.  


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