Monday, October 26, 2015

Lake Tahoe

Dan is guy who critically thinks every aspect of his life. When he met Emily, I'm sure he did the same thing somehow, but when you meet the one you are supposed to be with, sometimes you just know. And Dan did. So it was a surprise when Trav got an email asking about a certain date in a couple of months from now. Once Trav finally found if he could get the time off (he had to switch vacation days with someone at work), Dan asked Trav to be his best man.

What was really cool, was that some of my family was already planning on going to Lake Tahoe for a wedding for my cousin. Although my cousin and his fiance called off the wedding, family was still planning on going there since they have already booked the trip.

At we got into Lake Tahoe, I saw my cousin from California walking in the airport. Trav was getting the rental car, and wasn't paying attention. As my cousin and I were talking, Trav turned around and saw a guy sitting next to me, and started walking over wondering, "Who is hitting on my wife?" As Trav gets closer, he realizes it's my cousin who he's only met at our wedding. It was quite a funny story to hear :) We invited my cousin to ride with us, since we were both heading to Lake Tahoe. That way we could stop and see family for a little bit. Trav went to go and meet up with Dan and Emily, and I stayed with family since I don't see them often. Trav came to pick me up the next morning, and pulled over to take these pics.

We went to breakfast with my family. My aunt and uncle then drove us around one side of the lake.

Then we headed over to the airport to pick up Trav's mom,  Trey, and friend who was also came in town for the Dan's wedding. Trav's other friend, Kyle and his mom came in town as well later that day. We stayed at a cabin that we booked through Airbnb.

The next morning, we got up super early to watch the sunrise (hoping it would be the beautiful pink colors that Trav saw the day before, but it wasn't cloudy so we didn't get those vivid colors, but it was still beautiful):



We went to Emerald Bay State Park with Trav's friends, while Trav was getting ready for the wedding.





The wedding was beautiful.


The next day, before Kyle and his momma headed back to the airport, a couple of us checked out the lake access that we gained for staying in the cabin.


We checked out the salmon run. where you are likely to see bears. We didn't get to see a bear, but, a couple days before, Dan's family and sister turned a corner and saw one. Apparently, his sister turned around and headed back, saying, "Bear, bear..." Their was a camera man there, taking photos and said that the bears are used to seeing people and won't cause any harm. 



After they left for the airport, Trey, Trisa and I drove around the entire lake. This lake is so beautiful.



Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. I could go back here every year. We considered this to be our three year anniversary trip, and I was excited to use the new camera lens that we got :)

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