Friday, September 25, 2015

Making A Jump into Fostering

I believe God is calling for Trav and I to open our doors to God's children through fostering and hopefully eventually fostering-to-adopt. God has been so generous in providing these little stepping stools in our lives together, that everything just comes together. As Travis graduates, and as we have bought a new house, we are planning on getting our house ready to have little foster kids in our house. We had our first orientation, and will be having our first home visit soon.

Anytime the word "foster parents" comes up in our conversations, I automatically feel judged. There is a lack of support from others. Usually I hear remarks as, "why?", "don't you want to have your own?", "what if something is wrong with them?", "what if you fall in love with them, and they have to go back to their parents?", "it's different when you have your own", "you might not be able to have dogs and foster kids", "by that time, you should just have your own." Really? God is pointing us in the direction of one thing, and you're trying to get us in a different direction? Those who have been truly inspired and who are genuinely excited for us, I can count on one hand.

As I told Travis about being discouraged because there isn't much support, Travis pointed out, "Babe, who cares what they have to say? This is between me, you, and God." Isn't that the truth? God has put this on our hearts, and even with all the negativity surrounding us on our decision, the feeling of wanting to be a part of this, has only gotten stronger. 

As I was talking to Kate she exclaimed, "Don't ever stop talking about fostering. You can inspire someone. You inspired me. You can impact someone else's life who may have not even considered it." Some people may not agree with the decisions we make, but perhaps it can be an eye-opener to someone. It should never be about us. There are kids in your community that need you.

"{Talking about her adoptive mom}..No one could love me more." - Heidi


  1. I totally agree with Kate. Talk about fostering all you can! I think it's wonderful that children will be able to look up to you and Trav someday soon. I can't think of something more awesome!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I sure hope so!! :) We are excited!

      <3 Ash


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