Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Travels w the Fam

While Trav is studying for boards all day and night, my parents took me to Nashville. 

We visited the Grand Ole Opry Hotel.

Then we went inside the Grand Ole Opry



The place I was really excited to visit was actually Franklin. Trav and I have been there before, and we really enjoyed ourselves. The battlefields and the houses are my favorite, and my mom loves history, so I was excited to take them here. There is so much to see, that we broke it into two days, and we probably could have seen more if we stayed longer. Every place you step has a story that is dying to be told.


Day 1: Lotz House & Carter House


Day 2: The Carnton Plantation 





One particular story was about this boy who fought in the war
and died. His family brought back dirt from their hometown
and laid it on top of his grave. So he'd always have a piece of home with him.


If you're going to Nashville, I would recommend going to Franklin to take the guided tour to these places. 

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