Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lisa's Bachelorette Party

Kate and I had so much fun planning Lisa's Bachelorette Party! 

Pics taken by friends

The first thing was that we did a Panty Poem where Lisa opened a gift from the bridesmaid for each part of her life. It was SOOO fun and brought some good laughs.

Like this one! Hahaha.
Kate asked Lisa and Nick a couple of questions, where everyone was supposed to guess the answer of who said what. This is always a blast. 
Then we played a game that was a little inappropriate (so I didn't put pics up, lol).  With some of the games, I handed out gifts. This is the second time handing out gifts, and I got compliments for what great gifts they are. (My secret for gift giving? Check out TJ Maxx, or Marshall's)

Lisa opened some gifts.
At the end of the party, everyone got a gift.

Inside their gifts were different shades of lipstick. Everyone was then to put their lipstick on and kiss a photo frame where Lisa could put a picture of all of us that stated, "Kiss the Miss Goodbye!" (Sorry, didn't see any pics of the frame)

Then it was picture time! The selfie stick came out once again!

 I think every girl who is a bachelorette, should have a panty party! It was so.much FUN! :)

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