Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Travis Makes Me A Better Person

Sometimes, I judge a situation before I know anything about it. For Travis' family vacation, a family friend came up half way through our family vacation. I wish I could say I welcomed her with open arms, but I didn't.

As we went to bed that night, Travis mentioned, "You weren't being very nice. You weren't being mean either." I asked him what he meant, and he told me that there was something she mentioned that usually in a conversation I would bring up, but because it wasn't the ideal situation, it was different. "You don't know what she is going through..."

That brought up a point that made me think. So with the idea from Travis, I went and found her before she headed to bed that night. I told her how glad I was that she was there with us. I gave her a hug and she commented on how "sweet" I was. Later on, I found out that her parents died when she was younger and she looked to Trav's family as her part of her own. I believe she was a little depressed in life, because she really missed her own kids, and she was probably hoping that our family could make her feel somewhat better. Travis was right; I didn't know what she was going through. The rest of the week, she seemed to have a good time.

A couple of weeks later, we heard that this friend passed away. I'm glad Travis told me to go and tell her that I was glad that she was was there, because you never know what someone may be going through. Maybe that gave her some sort of comfort and it was something that she might have needed to hear that at that point in her life.


  1. You two have such a wonderful relationship. Sometimes we need someone to balance us out and make us better.

    1. Aww thank you! I couldn't imagine a better person for me. God truly blessed me with such an incredible person for the rest of my life. But I totally agree that when finding a friend/spouse, we need someone who balances out and brings out the best in us. <3


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