Sunday, July 19, 2015

My First 5K

For Trav's graduation gift, Trav begged me to do a half marathon with him. For some crazy reason, I agreed. Then his momma got on the phone and basically told him, that if he wanted me to run again, he better make me do a small run first. For some crazy reason, he agreed. Thank the Lord.

I have this love-hate relationship with it. Mostly hate. It's boring to me and my body aches during it. And I sweat... a lot. It's gross. It probably happens to everyone, but, it just creeps me out having sweat run down into my eyes and anywhere else on my body. And while trying to build my mile up one day, a person literally stopped me to ask if I was okay. Not only did I feel awful, it must have really showed... but sometimes I do feel better afterwards.

This particular morning, Trav and I woke up super early, he asked if we could go running. We did. For some reason, I didn't feel like it was my normal run (probably because it was still dark, since the sun wasn't up, it wasn't quite humid and hot enough yet), so I looked at Travis and told him, "If you want me to run 3 miles with you, today is the day. This will be your early graduation gift, DON'T make me do it again before you graduate." He nodded his head (although I didn't really believe him), and off we ran.

ANDDDDDDD..... I made it! I guess this is my achievement because I couldn't even run without stopping, and I did a whopping 3 miles without having to stop one.single.time (and Trav runs 3 miles like nobody's business). I know you crazy runners out there are like, "that's all she did?" Well all of you can kiss my butt. Running is not everyone's thing, it may be good exercise, but it's not everyone's thing.

Although, I will say, I felt so much better afterwards. But, not good enough to make myself run again.

Travis is now talking about running a half marathon for next year, which is awesome, but in that case, if I need to practice with him, I am getting myself a bike. And that's how I roll.

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