Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mean Girls

My friend wrote this on her page and I wanted to share. This is something I have learned as I got older.

“Mean girls dress provocatively around other women’s men. We are very aware of what we are putting on before we leave the house. Most of the time she doesn’t even care about that guy but she wants the power of knowing he would look…you know it, you have experienced it. We live in a world that is mean to women. Part of this need to be provocative to get attention is because it’s the way our culture is training us. When we have to show it to find value and make sure that we are raising the brow of a man that belongs to another woman we are agreeing with what this world says about us as it exploits us, that we are only as good as we are sexually desirable.”-Beth Moore

This is so true. I used to wear mini skirts, and things that would show my figure (when I had one). I remember one day while I was in high school, my friends put my back to people in the middle of the mall to see how much attention I would get. Why they felt the need to do that, I don't know. Why I thought it was okay, I don't know. I do feel like children are getting sexualized more and more at a younger age.

I hope that one day that if I have a girl one day, that she shouldn't feel the need to feel the power of knowing a guy would look at her in a sexual way. Guys will do that regardless, yes, but I hope she feels confident in herself and promotes herself as a classy person.

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