Monday, June 22, 2015

Why I Secretly Enjoy Being Away From the Hubs

Trav and I have done our fair turn of being away from each other. For the first year of our relationship, we lived across the country from one another doing a long-distance relationship. While Trav was in school for the first year, I barley ever saw him. He was always studying and on his day off (if he got one),  I would be working. Finally as school progressed, we were able to see each other more and discovered that we really liked each other and that we were glad to be married. {Haha, okay, we already knew that all along!}

When we are now away from each other (even for a small amount of time), I get spoiled with sweet text messages/phone calls from my incredible hunk of a husband.


...and I adore it! :)


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    1. Thanks Rebecca!! :) I think he's pretty sweet. He's a keeper! :)

      <3 Ash


Thanks for being so lovely! :)

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