Sunday, June 21, 2015

Home Tour

So, how crazy is it that I've never shared pictures of our home? And now we've already moved. So these are a little late, sorry. LOL.

We didn't think we needed to do a lot for this house, but we still ended up doing more than what we wanted. The house sat on the market for a year before we bought it. We did some minor changes (listed at the end of this post) and ended up selling our house in 6 days! We had to scramble to find a place to live until Trav graduated, but we are just happy it sold so fast. :) 

House before: {these pictures are taken from when the previous owners had their stuff in the house because I forgot to take pictures before we moved in}



Fixing up the house:


The End Product {More or Less}:

Living Room:

{You might be able to tell that we painted it slightly a different color. 
The new color is now in the kitchen, hallway and 2nd bathroom as well..
 somehow I can't find the final product pictures}

Kitchen/Dining Area {Before new paint color}:

Yes, we bought their old table

Master Bedroom:

Master Bath:
{After painting and taking down border}
Room #2:

Room #3:

Hallway {Before new paint color}:

Bathroom #2 {Before new paint color}:

Backyard {before painting the fence}:

We have:
*changed the door knobs/handles in the kitchen and all around the house. What a huge difference this made. Gold is just not our style. We did this immediately because Travis wouldn't be able to help once he started school.
*added a fence & painted it. Most of our yard is trees, so we were only able to fence in a little of the yard that was more open.
*did some landscaping in our backyard. It looks SO much better.
*painted all the rooms in the house {including the garage}, except for the guest room. This was not our plan, but the walls needed to be updated. We actually ended up choosing a color that I wouldn't necessarily chose for most of the house, but that is because apparently it is the most popular color of home builders. So we chose it. It's not growing on me, but it isn't horrible.
*removed outdated borders. The borders needed to go: bad. 

Our house was on the market for about a year before we found it. We are hoping that with the improvements we made, it will go much faster because honestly, we don't want to be stuck with this house that long. 

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