Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hitting the Driving Range

Trav has found a new, cheap, hobby that we both really enjoy: the Driving Range! I don't think I would have ever said that before, but since I have started going with him it is so peaceful. There is just something about it. Plus, I enjoy hitting a couple of balls {I consider myself a pro now, haha}.

Plus, I get to check out this hot guy the entire time... and I like that! ;)


  1. Oh gosh! I think I would be awful at that, but Adam would love it. He goes plays golf with his friends when we head back to Wisconsin!

    1. You would not! You would be perfectly fine! I actually think that eventually I may take golf lessons so I can golf a couple of holes with Trav, but we will see. ;)

      <3 Ash


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