Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dave Matthews Band Concert

Trav loves DMB and has always wanted to go to one of their concerts {and how much he talks about DMB, I'm surprised he hasn't gone to one before}. On the day of the concert, we were a little worried that it might get canceled because it was raining, but thankfully it cleared up before the concert began. We had wet grass seats, but, it was fine because at this concert, you're standing the entire time. ;)

Glad to have the rain go away, so we could listen to some favorites and some songs that we haven't heard before.


  1. I have two friends that are total DMB fans. They go to several concerts a year and have DMB tattoos. At least he is not that kind of fan! :) Ha DMB reminds me of high school, as that was when they were super popular.

    1. DMB tattoos? Woah! They must be like how Trav is with Ohio State. LOL.

      <3 Ash


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