Friday, March 27, 2015

BIG NEWS!!!! :)

Travis' interview was in Michigan. (You know the state that Travis wouldn't let us get married in, because he thought it would be bad luck, but apparently, we could possibly live in, ha!). 

The town is about an hour away from where our family lives AND is so CUTE. It's an older, college type of town.  There are a lot of restaurants {places you've never heard of which we love}, shopping, along with TONS of things to do. We decided to explore the town before Travis had an interview, so we took my mom, dad, Brit, and his mom with us.

The cafe was awesome and we decided to try chocolate bacon for the first time! It was okay, but not something I don't think any of us will crave.

Trav's interview was two days later...

Let's be honest here:
My man looks good in a suit. 


All the animals were concerned about daddy leaving. We all waited for hours to hear how it went. We waited so long that it started snowing... and it snowed quite a bit in a couple of hours! {More than this TN is used to anymore, haha}.


Trav came home, and wasn't sure how he really felt about the interview. He was a little worried because they said that they wanted someone soon. Trav probably wouldn't be able to start until much later this year due to how long credentials take. 

Then.. as Trav thought he was going to take a nap (a few hours later after his interview), a phone call from Michigan was coming through. 

They offered him the job!

Trav accepted and asked ever so cutely, "Can I talk to my wife about it?" He called to tell me, and then called them back to say that:


The job has been great so far! They are so sweet and really taking good care of us already, making both of us feel welcomed. They have already got in touch of a realtor for us (Trav mentioned about it a interview), sent his contract in no time, and already do a little teasing of trying to transform him to maize and blue.

We drove home, and although the weather was cruddy (but by the time we got home it was 78 degrees(!)... Trav may have had to reconsider his acceptance (kidding)), but all we could talk about was his new job. 

It seems like a great opportunity. I'm so proud of Travis. He has been wanting this since he was 18 years old. He has worked his butt off for this moment. Literally, it has been SO incredibly hard. He is the hardest working person I know.

(Plus, we determined that the short trip here, there, and back, Trav spent 26 hours in the car!)


After Trav came home from studying, he came to some balloons and lots of little goodies (including some yummy gelato!). And he's going to get a professional massage! (Once he can clear his busy schedule).

Can you believe it?? I'm still in shock! We had no idea it would happen this quick. To be honest, my countdown calendar said he was going to start applying in jobs in 48 days from now. Haha. God had completely different plans for us. (And gave us the best feeling!)

I can finally announce that we're going to be living in Michigan!!! :)


  1. wonderful wonderful wonderful news!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca! We are SO excited for whatever adventures await us!

      <3 Ash


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