Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tickled Pink Shower

Our friends are expecting their first bundle of joy in the coming months! We are so excited for them {who doesn't love babies?!!). The wives got together and wanted to give Caroline a Tickled Pink Shower! :) One request was that we had a lot of games. :) 

We started the game, "Don't say baby" {which most of our necklaces were lost within minutes of walking in, ha}. Before grabbing something to eat, guests were able to guess when baby Anne would be born and her weight. They were also able to guess how many M&M's were in a bottle.

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Bringing Home Anne Margaret

After 10 (number) weeks of pregnancy, Caroline finally went into labor. It took 2 (number) hours of slimy (adjective) labor, but Caroline and Tyler finally had their poopy (adjective) girl. They were so excited to bring Anne Margaret home, they vomited (verb ending in -ed) all the way home. They were filled with so much kick (emotion) that they just burst out and said "help !"(exclamation). Their weird (adjective), pretty (adjective) baby girl kept them running (verb ending in -ing). Changing all those babies (plural noun) and feeding the baby every 7 (number) hours, it was all they could do to keep their hands (plural body part) open.

Every so often, they just had to stomped (verb) and admire their yellow (color) baby. They would shop (verb) into each other's toes (plural body part) and talk about this sleeping (adjective ending in -ing) time in their lives. Their days were filled with feet (plural noun) and very little snowing (verb), but they were very red (adjective) to be on this curly (adjective) journey into parenthood.

Tinkle in the Pot

Have you heard of this game? It is GREAT! It made us all laugh so much. It's a race, where everyone gets a coin to put in between their legs. They have to put a balloon and act like they are pregnant to make it difficult. Whoever successfully gets the coin in the "pot" first, wins a prize (you can also do it as a team if you'd like). If someone drops the coin, they have to start back at the beginning. 


What Anne Will Look Like

This game you take a notecard and place it on your forehead and draw what the baby {Anne} will look like. Everyone got to see each others pictures, and the mom-to-be chose the winner. :)

Opening Gifts

Advice for baby Anne

We all had a wonderful time and were tickled pink that we were able to celebrate this special moment with Caroline and little Anne who is on her way! :)

Update: Everyone also guessed baby Anne's birthday and weight. No one got her birthday correct because Anne ended up being 2 weeks late, but Laura Beth was right on the money with Anne's weight!

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