Friday, February 20, 2015

Jax is a Heart Stealer

Have I told you that I had a really difficult time finding a cat after Archie passed? To be honest, I was really never a cat person before Archie. I thought they were cute, but was never really interested in them until Archie was placed in my arms where I instantly knew he was mine. Archie though, wasn't your regular cat, he was more like a dog. Once Archie passed, I had an emotional/difficult time and felt like my heart was just missing a piece. I looked at other cats, and couldn't find the one I wanted. I guess it was because I was looking for Archie.

When we went to go to look for cats in Tennessee, we went to a rescue that I found by searching online. There was cats everywhere. Little Jax (who was named Cat Rock) at the time was sitting on the counter. Trav went up immediately to him and started petting him, "What about him?" I wasn't sure because I didn't have that immediate bond, so I looked around the shelter. We were about to leave but Travis kept finding his way back to Cat Rock. They really loved him at the rescue and they were going to make him the office cat, and for some reason the words were said out of my mouth, "Okay, let's get him."

Jax with his first day at home
When we first got him home, I just wanted Cat Rock to be Archie. I didn't think that he needed to time to adjust to the dogs in the house {partly because he probably was never around dogs before, although I guess I just assumed that since he was at the shelter, he was around dogs}. Even with how much time he spent with the dogs, he never seemed as he was that happy in our home.

When I called the rescue they suggested that he was probably lonely because he had so many cats at the rescue to play with and that we should get a playmate. Jax perked up with once I brought Payson home, thankfully, because I debated if I should take Jax back to the rescue where he would be happier. Payson wasn't scared of the dogs, even though he was teeny tiny, and I think it showed Jax that there would be nothing to be scared of.

Slowly, Jax finally started feeling comfortable enough to sleep on top of me while I would lay on the couch. I think that's when we really started bonding. He would even start to purr! Since then, we have became like mother, like son.

The other day, I really missed him as he had to stay overnight at a vets office {he is okay}. But I really miss him. I think the people at the vet's office was annoyed as I dropped off Jax with a towel for him to lay on, a bed, special food to prevent urinary tract infections, and a bowel. I just wanted his  stay to be as comfortable as possible, even though he wasn't really home.

I thought about him the entire day after I dropped him off at the vets office and couldn't wait to call the vet once I got off of work to see how he was doing. All I got was, "He is doing good. You can pick him up after noon tomorrow."

I realized when I came home that I missed Jax peeking through the window where he waits for us to walk into the house.

I turned the fire place on, and he wasn't a running Jax to get a first row seat {or at least be by the fire} and purr endlessly.

There was no Jax to cuddle with me as we sat on the couch {most of the time he cuddles with you, he has to wrap his paw around you}

There was no entertainment of watching Jax run around with my hair tie around.

Or watching him play with the water dish in the kitchen without a care in the world.

And when I walked into the bathroom there was no Jax rushing to beat me hoping he could get to play in the sink water/shower water.

Or having Jax simply get into EVERYTHING.

I missed it all, so much. I'm so glad that my baby is home. 

For someone who I couldn't bond with at first, sure knew how to steal my heart. Our family wouldn't be the same without him.

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