Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wanting to be Closer to Home

If going through school wasn't enough and not seeing each other a lot, there is the added stress of trying to find a job. It is still early yet, and we're still a way out before a job-search-crunch is on. Once applications are put out, there is a wait to hear if there is a reply and most importantly an opening; that will be stressful. 

We hoped to move back home once we first moved to Tennessee. Then we thought we were insane, and  really wanted to move back to Arizona for the warm weather and all the things to do. After this past year events, we decided that family and friends are more important than warm weather. Most importantly, there is no place like home. We really do miss you, Indiana.

Jan 18, 2015 text message
So Travis really has been trying to get a job closer to home. Many of the places though, want to hire someone who has experience. *Which brings me to 1.) how can you gain experience if no one ever hires you. 2.) Trav has been working the past two years - just didn't actually get paid. We actually paid for him to go to work.*  

However, we want to go where God leads us. We try not to worry about the whole situation of finding a job because God will open and close doors that He finds necessary. Please pray that that the right door will present itself for us sooner than later. {And for Trav's classmates as well}

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