Saturday, January 17, 2015

Starting Prenatal Vitamins & Future Planning

Things got real when the OB recommended that I start taking prenatal vitamins. It's not because I am pregnant, or that we are trying, but since I am not taking any vitamins currently, it should be beneficial just in case anything were to happen.

We will not be trying for a while from now {for my momma and momma-in-law, please take note: a long while, lol}, but it's exciting and nerve wracking to even know that this phase in life is just that much closer. I guess it's also surreal to me that Travis and I are even talking about little ones in the home, about school ratings, car safety features, etc. This is a whole different ball game. Something we don't know anything about, so it's all new to us.

We know we are meant to be parents, through means of having our own or through adoption. 

After volunteering in a day care at a church session and falling in love with every single child there, I came home and proceed to tell Travis, "We are just going to need to get a bus for all of our kids."

Without hesitation, "Okay, we can get a bus." {*Squeal with excitement*!!!!}

I think he knows that once we have one child, my ideal number of kids will likely change, but I really would love to provide homes for children that need a home and most importantly, love. I really believe this is our calling. To be fully honest, I wouldn't mind opening our home to foster kids before we have our own once Travis graduates and once we get settled in.

God has His own timing of how/when/if things will happen so He may surprise us with His timing or have us patiently waiting, but we will trust in His timing.

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