Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Our Little Christmas Vacation {Photo Overload}

By the time we left, poor Trav worked a 24 hour shift, got off, drove home, picked us up, and drove most of the way home {which is almost a 9 hour drive}. Trav was exhausted, but he hates being a passenger, so after a short nap, he was back at it. That man amazes me - he has super powers or something!

Dessert Bar: Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we met up with some of our favorites while munching on some dessert. To see more photos, click here. {They are some of the best people you will ever meet}

Afterwards, we went to church for a candlelight service. It is such a magical feeling of being in God's house to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Christmas with Mom L.



Christmas Day with Mom and Dad


My parents got Brittany a elliptical. She was soooooo excited that she was dancing around and she wouldn't stop smiling. :)

Christmas Day with my side of the family
I couldn't get enough of sweet Garland.


Went to see Christmas lights on Christmas Day
This is one of my favorite traditions on Christmas. We drive around a neighborhood to see the lights and play Christmas music while driving around. It is truly something that I love to do every year.

Celebrating Christmas with Dad L and Grandma


Sadly, we forgot to take a picture with grandma :( 

Trav's mom's family Christmas

Maddie got a baking dish for last year's Christmas gift exchange, which is not a gift that a kid loves {but her mom sure did!}. Maddie didn't want to risk getting another pan this year, so she made prompt changes to have a gift exchange for the kids. Apparently, we didn't get to be involved with the kids classification. Ha.


Trav kept poking me to get Aunt Heidi's gift of some stuff for the grill. So when it was our turn, we were grinches and stole Heidi's gifts. We thought we were okay, until her husband stole Trav's gift.

He was a little sad, but our gift was PRETTY awesome. It was chocolate, a cup, buckeyes inside the cup, and a gift card for Panera and another gift card for Starbucks. Sweet. BTW, we picked his mom's exchange gift :)

Celebrated Trav and Anneke's birthday at Grandma's

Trav's favorite cake is DQ ice cream cake. He requests it every year. This year his mom got it and it was like a mint oreo blizzard cake. It was INCREDIBLE!

Trav's Bday:
My parents, Brit, and Trey joined Travis and I when we went to go up and explore St. Joe, Michigan. 



The city was so cute with little shops right next to the water. It was such a cute place that I could totally see us going there to visit more.


Later that night, Trav opened his presents.

Visited my grandma

We were able to visit my Grandma. She doesn't seem to be doing as well and I'm not sure if she even knew who Travis and I were. I was impressed though that she was out of her room {they wheeled her in to watch a movie}. I wouldn't even recognize her if they didn't tell me where she was at. Her hair is so white {which she would be embarrassed when she was younger} and her teeth were missing. And she is so, so skinny. I was able to see her eat, and although she didn't talk much, she was able to tell us how much she loves pears by eating them all and then drinking the juice. She then tapped the cup on the table to make sure she didn't miss any. I laughed because that's something I would do. :) 

We also made a new friend at the nursing home as well. She walked up to us as we were visiting, and Trav pulled up a seat and asked her if she wanted to join and how her day was going. Her reply was "not good", but Travis got her to smile and feeling better at the end. She kept telling my grandma, "We better get going," yet when we went to leave, she wouldn't leave our side and tried following us out. A nurse laughed as she saw her with us, gave her a hug, and started to sing, "Stop in the name of love..." It was pretty cute.

Brought in the New Year
This new year it was a pretty sleepy one at mom's house as you can see. 


Enjoyed the New Year

First sunrise of the New Year

Got to see Brittany at work
I am really impressed with Macy's. They hired Brittany for holiday help, who has no work experience and a job coach. Brittany LOVES her job. Kate and I went to go see her at work, and there is no doubt in my mind that she is a good little worker, plus she is so cute in that red apron. She works so hard, trying to pick up hours, and comes in whenever they call. I wish they would hire her with a part  time/full time position, but if not, at least it is on her resume that she does have work experience.

Hung out with friends
I love our friends. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives. I don't know what I would do without them. {Sorry, if we didn't take pictures with you}. Friends are the best things in life. I feel so bad that we didn't get pictures with everyone :(


Watched the Ohio State Game
#4 Ohio State was known as the underdog when they played the #1 team: Alabama. However, they showed the country that they are capable of playing them and won the game. We are looking forward to watching the National Champion game. Go Bucks!

The Fur Babies Were Spoiled
First of all Jax is CRAZY!! Before we left, he discovered sink water. He loves getting his paw in it and he splashes around all in it - getting over the mirror, etc. He will seriously stalk you into the bathroom. And apparently, he has been wanting to take showers.


Tatum got a new dog bed. He loved it so much, that he barley got off of it. Ha. 

Drove Back Home

For most of the drive back home, it was pretty rainy weather until we about reached home. That was not fun.


All play and no work, makes for happy people and furry ones. I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and that you had a wonderful Christmas.

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