Monday, January 26, 2015

Fur Baby Wish List

Okay, so I might have a small obsession with my fur babies and they may be a tad spoiled. If I could, I would have an animal rescue at our home, but... since Trav isn't really diggin' it, I have to keep dreaming of things we may be able to have for our babies one day.


1.) Outside Dog House:

Although our babies aren't outside dogs, they love to play outside. And this would be awesome because our dogs love to sun bathe. 

2.) Dog Pool:

A dog pool may be a little crazy, but this is my wish list, so why not. LOL. Trigger would really enjoy this.

3.) Dog Activated Water Fountain

Instead of a dog bowl, this would be so much easier outside. You can find one here.

4.) Dog Bath

This would be wonderful, especially if we had a mud room! The dogs get so dirty sometimes when they are outside playing that this would be ideal and make it so much easier than having to take them to a bathroom for them to get washed up.

5.) Dog Rooms:

Although Tatum LOVES his crate {we had him learn to go in it since we first got him - he even chooses to go into the crate himself if he wants to lay down or doesn't feel good}, crates aren't pretty looking and doesn't provide dogs with much room. I'd rather put them in rooms like this if we have people over and they are being too much, or if we leave. I doubt they would actually sleep in here at night though (although I guess we could train them). I also think this would be awesome for the cats when we would have to put them away because a guest is allergic to them.

6.) Dog Storage:

Our babies have a lot of things - more than they will ever know. But after seeing this, my eyes grew big, I want it! It would be so nice to have most of their stuff in their own place, rather than scattered all over the house.

7.) Dog Bow Tie

Okay, honestly, how cute are these? {Found here} LOVE them. However, they are $45! (Whhhaaatttt??!! They are too pricey for my liking), but so, so, sooooooooooooo cute!

1.) Cat hole

This is going to be a must have in our next home for sure. The dogs are always trying to get into their space. This would give them their own hiding area without having to worry about the pesky dogs.

2.) Cat Playhouse

3.) Fountain

Jax is OBSESSED with water lately! The only water he doesn't like is when he has to take a bath. This may be gross, but he jumps on our bathroom sink just so he can play with any water. Literally he darts as soon as the door starts to open as fast as his little legs will take him. He would LOVE this. I only get scared with these things if they have cords and whatnot.


Cats love laser toys, or at least my cat does. This would be awesome to have. It would give my indoor cats some exercise.


Okay, so our babies don't really need any of these items, they are just items that momma would like to have maybe one day, but if I don't get them, I will be just as happy :) After all, we don't need these things.


  1. Seriously Ashley you should open up your own dog pamper parlour with your dream doggy buys!

    1. Hahaha! I wish! That would have to be an AWESOME job! People would really think I'm crazy. {More than they already do}. :)

      <3 Ash


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