Friday, December 26, 2014

All You Can Eat Dessert 1st Edition

Who doesn't love dessert? Emily came up with the idea of having a dessert bar, and we couldn't resist {and now I really think that this should be an annual thing!} Earlier this week, we weren't sure that Emily and her family wouldn't make it because their little one wasn't feeling well all week, but thankfully she was feeling better by the time of our get together.

*Pics by Kate*

Kate always makes the cutest cupcakes! For the big news this year, she made cupcakes for Lisa and Nick for their engagement. :)

This little girl, is one of my favorite people. She always is able to make everyone laugh. When I walked down the stairs, and she was upstairs, she started to cry because she said she "wanted to be with Ashwee." Although she was crying those big alligator tears because she missed me, I couldn't help but smile because she made me feel so loved.

She LOVED that Travis got to play with her, and she's a pretty smart cookie. Travis would ask her what color a chalk was, and for one he blurted it out, "It's Rudolph's nose color." This girl looked at him and laughed {as to say ahhhhhh no, it's not}. It was pink. Ha.


Lisa gave Kate and I a sweet surprise: she asked us to be her BRIDESMAIDS :) We are so extremely excited and we are so honored!!!! Lisa and Nick are soooOOoooOO cute together. This upcoming year we have something to look forward to. I can't wait to be standing next to this beautiful girl on her big day.


One of the biggest blessings, made Travis and I tear up. Kate and Steven encountered their most difficult year in 2014. While some of us were downstairs in the basement, we heard the door bell ring. The  guys went to answer the door, and no one was there, but there was a package on their door step of a huge basket full of presents. Some of the presents were in memory of Kendall, gift cards, a getaway, autographed items, etc. The presents were from the Christmas Commandos. How truly wonderful it was to see such thoughtful gifts from such caring people. As soon as Travis and I left, there was another delivery.

Thank you Christmas Commandos for remembering some of the most caring people on the world during their difficult year. You brought many smiles and happy tears. What a blessing you are in the world.

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