Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 New Years Resolutions

The first sunrise of 2015
There is no doubt that we have so many good things to look forward to this year:

*Making home improvements

*Putting our house on the market
*Trav applying for a job(s)/interview(s)
*Gaitlinburg w/Steve & Janice
*Trav accepting a job offer
*Caroline & Tyler's little one being born
*Libby's wedding
*Trav graduating
*Trav taking his boards
*Lisa's wedding
*Maybe a vacation 
*Trav starting a new job
*Buying a new house
*More than likely buying a car
{and who knows what else!}

Wow! That is a lot! I don't know if I'm ready for all this and I'm a bit scared. Maybe more like nervous, but very excited.

Besides big things happening in our life, there are certain things that I am hoping to do. I know, I say these things, but I really want to challenge myself every single day.

2015 New Years Resolutions

*Blog more. 
I really enjoy blogging. Blogging to me is basically a diary of our life together. I love that it's all in one place: pictures, thoughts, recipes, etc. One day, I hope our kids read about our lives - and is like, "that is so awesome!" Or, "I remember that! It was so much fun." What a blessing.

*Do a 365 day photo challenge.
Yes, I'm crazy. That is all. Honestly though, I want to capture all of our fun moments of this year. But I am hoping that this will help  improve my photography skills.

*Eat healthier.
This is going to my biggest challenge yet. I never put anything healthy in my body, mostly because I don't like the taste of it. I need the nutrients in my body. My body needs it because they have it has been lacking for 27 years. And although I'm going to need it, my body needs to prepare because we're hoping to maybe try for a baby in maybe another year or two.

*Read the Bible.
I committed myself to the Lord. And one thing I have always wanted to do was read the entire Bible. This is one thing I want to accomplish before we start having kids because I want to their example. I want them to follow with me and read scripture with me. I want them to know that I know the Lord, and hopefully they will want to too.

*Be a better person.
If I ever die sometime soon, I want people to remember me as a good person. A person who helps others, one who was always smiling, and one who makes people feel as they are everything. Love thy neighbors. 

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