Wednesday, December 17, 2014

No Shave November

Travis wanted to try something new. He decided to grow out a beard. It took a little bit of time. He wanted to shave it a little bit after starting to grow it out because it became so itchy. And, to know that it was itchy he would rub his beard against my face. 

I didn't think you could see the beard very well in this pic,
so Trav pulled out the phone and took a picture. It was probably one of his very first selfies; so I had to share, of course. LOL.

Now that it's December, he has been not letting it get as long. He thinks for his next clinical site he will have to shave, but I'm really starting to love the beard. He is so handsome {either way}, but I'm thinking he won't ever want to grow it back once he shaves it completely. LOL. I've been trying to make sure he keeps it for as long as he can, but I don't know if my requests will win. Hahaha.

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