Saturday, December 13, 2014

Giving Gracie a Chance

One day I received a facebook message from one of the girls at the shelter. "Are you planning on adopting Gracie? A family wants to meet her." At this point, I knew someone saw her picture and fell in love with her. How could you not? She is one of the most beautiful fur babies I have ever laid my eyes on. But, we had this happen before, and a couple came over to meet Gracie and she just coward in the corner. I explained that she would probably do the same thing, but if they were okay with that, than they are more than welcome to come and see her. 

The family called, and I explained the same thing. She is still so shy with people. She will probably stay in a corner. And they said, "That isn't a deal breaker with us." Woah. I got off the phone and for some reason I felt really good about wanting Gracie to meet them.

Gracie did her normal thing when people she didn't know: she coward, on the couch.  I felt bad and talked about Gracie {most of it wasn't as positive as I'd like - mostly because I wanted them to know that she may always be this way of being scared of people}. They petted Gracie and tried to give her some treats, but she was too nervous to take them {although when I brought out Tatum, he had no problem eating any treat whatsoever}. The couple seemed nice, but I was thinking more along the lines that they were going to get up and leave like the last couple that came to look at her. They got up to leave, "Okay, we would like to go back to the shelter to fill out paper work for her." Wait... you guys want to give her a chance???!!!!

They wanted to adopt her that day, and she needed to be up to date on shots. While they filled out the paper work, I immediately took her to the vet. I didn't even think of grabbing anything like one of her toys, food, etc. By the time I got back to the shelter, I remembered and felt so bad. They didn't even take her leash, instead they already had a leash/collar waiting for her.

Meeting her new family at the shelter before she went 
to her new home. She doesn't know what a good
life she is about to have.
I came home and bawled like a baby. Mostly, I thanked God. God cares so much about all of his babies, even his fur babies, to find her a home. No one seemed like they wanted to give her a chance, that I just figured we were going to adopt her, although after having her for over a year, she still didn't bond with Travis. The thing that amazed me the most is that God knew she didn't belong with us, and that she belonged with them. Like we were just the babysitters, so while I didn't look for the perfect family, he already had them picked out. We had to wait a while because it had all to do with the timing. 

Sadly, their other dog passed away a little bit before they found Gracie online. Their children left for college. They had 2 cats, but wanted a dog in the house. And although I really believed Gracie needed a home with another dog, I thought she needed her own independence. She relied on other dogs too much {she wouldn't even get in the car without another dog}, that I figured she needed to gain confidence with people by herself.

Gracie the day she got to her new home.
I made sure I was clear though that if it didn't work out with Gracie that she needed to come back to us, not the shelter. But I don't think I have to worry too much: she seems to be making herself at home with them. I have gotten updates and a couple pics of little Grace.

Thanksgiving day

I do miss having Gracie around. Although she wasn't loud, it is so quiet at our house with only two dogs. I miss Gracie jumping on the bed {yes, I allowed her because she seemed to gain most confidence with Trav and I when we let her on} with her sweet kisses, and at night when she would let out this huge loud sigh when she finally got comfortable enough to sleep. It was the little things she would do, she would always find a way for me to smile. She looks pretty spoiled in her new home, AND I hope she remembers us when we took her to our home and showed her what love was. She will always be loved.

Love you and miss you Grace Grace.

Please adopt a shelter animal and give them a lifetime of love. They deserve it, and they will provide you with all their love.

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