Saturday, December 6, 2014

Getting Ready to Put the House on the Market

Trav's graduation date is getting closer and closer as we speak. {About 7 months away!} Travis insisted that we call the realtor, and I'm so glad that we did.

The first house we had in Phoenix had multiple offers within days of putting it on the market. We are not sure what  this house will bring because our house was on the market for almost a year before we bought it. That is a very long time. We want to sale it, without a doubt, I know it will be a much longer process than in Phoenix. If we do happen to sale right away, then we will have to find a place to live for a few months until Trav graduates. If we don't sale the house, than we are stuck with it until it does happen to sale. And honestly, we don't want that weight on our shoulders, especially when Trav is studying for boards and when we move to a different state. 

Our realtor suggested we put this house on the market in March.

Leaving us with only a few months to get this house prepared for it get on the market. I am planning on collecting boxes after Christmas. What will help is that we are not really planning on taking much with us. That's what Trav insists though, but already after living together and being married, between us, we still have a lot for it just being us {and our fur babies of course}.

Right now, our biggest task is trying on choosing paint colors. Honestly, we are not very good at picking paint colors. We will need to paint the living room, hall way, and the kitchen. We are going to make them all the same colors, and it will have to remain neutral. Our relator actually suggested that we go darker in our home. She suggested grey. But I am thinking more of a light brown color because I think the grey will make it feel more cold. Plus, we have green counter tops {we did not pick that out}, but we don't want them to stand out more than they already do. Our paint color right now isn't much different, it just has more of a hint of yellow in it. 

Our realtor also suggested a couple of things:
*New paint 
*Have our carpet stretched {Okay, have you really heard of such a thing?}
*Have the carpet cleaned {obvious}
*Deep cleaning {grout, etc}
*Counters have to be cleaned off, etc. 

I can't say we are exactly excited about this whole process; I just know that it means that we are that much closer until our life won't consist of Trav's schooling. Although I don't want to wish our life away, and we want to enjoy the moment, but we are ready.

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  1. Aww I hate moving but you seem pretty positive about it, I guess it is just the packing of boxes and the schlepping of those boxes. Makes me want to live like a hermit :) I like grey a lot but brown is a good neutral color! I haven't heard of carpet stretching either!


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