Thursday, December 18, 2014

#AirmailChristmas 2014!

From Celly all the way from Derbyshire, UK
This year Rebecca from Making Memories asked me if I would like to participate in Airmail Christmas this year. How could I say no? It's for a wonderful cause, and every year they dedicate it in memory of someone.

This year, it was in memory for Anna Basso. Anna was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma {a rare form of bone marrow cancer}. A month after her high school graduation, Anna passed away.

From a website created by Anna's family, 1 Million for Anna:

"Maybe a few precious times in our life, if we’re lucky, we meet people who are driven to bring us together. These connecters are dynamic, they’re magnetic, and they’re absolutely unforgettable. Anna was one of these people.

Anna wanted to be remembered through a foundation bent on finding ways to defeat this disease and helping those affected by it. With that in mind, we created the 1 Million 4 Anna Foundation in January of 2012."

What a beautiful thing to. Thank you Rebecca for inviting me, and I hope Anna is smiling down when she sees all those greeting cards. :) I hope all of you want to participate next year as well!


Thanks for being so lovely! :)

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