Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Most Sincere Man

Sincere. The definition is so simple: genuine; real. If there was only one word I could use to describe Travis, that's the word I would use.

I watched the other day as Travis picked up a football with the neighbor kids {before the Ohio State game} and played with them.

He could only play for a little bit of time, so he then invited them over to watch the game with us.

Let's stop right there. 

Travis doesn't even like watching the game with his friends because he gets sooooo passionate about his team. His mouth seems to run.. a lot, so I was a little worried. I gave him the "are you sure?" look, but this guy was pretty excited.

Minutes later I heard the kids starting to cheer and state, "I LOVE the Bucks!

I watched as Travis got pure joy teaching the kids about football. He is just so great with kids and people in general.

And as I texted his mom about having the kids over, I thanked her for raising such an incredible man.

"That is very sweet. He has a big heart and loves kids! Lots of help from God. He is really the One who shapes Travis."

She is so right. God has has hand on Travis. 

Travis is a man of God.


  1. I love watching Adam interact with children, he is so patient and so fun. Kids are drawn to him. I just know he will make an excellent father! I bet you feel the same :)

    1. It honestly melts my heart :) I'm so glad that we married great guys and that one day they will be great fathers :)

      <3 Ash


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