Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Our Second Year Wedding Anniversary Trip

Travis really wanted us to do something special for our two year anniversary. Our first year of marriage, we would have liked to take a trip, but it wasn't practical since Travis basically lived at school and honestly had almost no spare time. Travis still has to study a lot, but most of his time is spent in clinical sites, and now we can see each other a little more often. Thank goodness.

Travis took it upon himself to plan a surprise trip for our anniversary. Travis is more of a planner, while I go more with the flow. I really wanted it to be a surprise of where we were going, so no matter how hard it was for Travis not to tell me, he didn't.  I was completely surprised. I had NO idea where we were going until we pulled up to the bed and breakfast.

Travis found a cute little place in Grand Rivers, Kentucky for us to stay. It was a such a cute little town. Travis planned on us doing some hiking, but the weather was SO cold and rainy, that it didn't happen. Thankfully, we loved where we stayed, so staying in wasn't a problem. 

Travis booked a stay at the Rose on the Lake. It was a bed and breakfast and it was awesome. We were the only couple that was there for our first time, everyone else had at least one more stay there than us. That's how you know that it is an awesome place to stay.


We stayed in the "Kiss of Desire" room. It was nice.

A killer bathroom, right?


This place also hosts weddings, and I can see why. It is so pretty. 

Travis told me to take a picture so we could remember what the inside looked like because this is what one day we would like to have as a house. Not with the deer head though, but Travis seems to think otherwise. 

And this breakfast was AMAZING!!!!!!! :) And it was each morning we stayed. AANNNDDDD this picture doesn't even show all of it {apparently it couldn't fit in the picture}. They say usually people don't go for seconds, but Travis and I did. LOL.

P.S. We have been asked about how it was to stay at a bed and breakfast. I would recommend it, especially if you stay at Rose on the Lake. Yes, at first we felt a little odd staying with other people, but everyone was so nice. The owners were so down to earth, and the other guests were really nice.

Paducah, KY

Anyways, for the first night stay we went to Paducah, Kentucky. I really liked it, BUT, couldn't explore too much because we got there at the time that everything closed. I think we got there at three and most shops and restaurants are closed from 3-5. We wandered around for as long as we could but it was cold and rainy. 

We found Glisson Winery, a little quiet place to taste different wines.


We then wandered around some more until we could eat at the place that others recommended: Max's Brick Oven pizza. We ended up getting pizza first, and then the appetizer of the Orr's Chili Dip afterwards (we are backwards people, lol). The food was pretty good {sorry I forgot to take pictures}, but we really enjoyed the atmosphere. Actually, we enjoyed the whole atmosphere of Paducah. It was a small town that seemed like a great place to live.

Grand Rivers, Kentucky

The next day we got up and had an INCREDIBLE breakfast (see the pictures above). When we arrived, the Hunters Moon Fall Festival was going on, but the weather put a damper on things. 

We then explored Grand Rivers, which didn't take too long since it's  feels like it is only a street long. 

At first we were going to pass up Patti's Settlement although there was this MASSIVE sign that we couldn't miss. This placed seemed to have such cute things there: a chapel, shops, a mini zoo, coffee shop, miniature golf, etc. 

Some of the guests that we were staying with us recommended to go to the parade {it was a big thing in the town}, but we were lame and decided to stay in because it was cold and the rain started to pick up. It was just so nice to relax and not have to worry about school/work. It was much needed.

That night we got ready to go to dinner at Patti's 1880's Settlement. Our friend, Rob, suggested that we dressed up. While we dressed up, everyone else must have missed the memo because they were in jeans. :)

The food was AMAZING. Travis got the 2 inch pork chop that so many people talked about, and I got the steak that was their special. It was expensive {that's why it was our anniversary dinner}, but it was soooo good and we can't say we left hungry. We really wanted to try their famous Lemon Meringue Pie that consisted of 6-8 high meringue, but we were so full we didn't think it was a good idea to not be able to literally move. 

Check out Trav's 2 inch pork chop! 

The next day, one of the couples told us to go and check out the Bison Park. We drove out of our way home to go and see everything. Paid a whopping $5 and saw nothing... well, we did see a lot of trees. At least Travis and I have a good sense of humor, because we now have a joke about the time when we paid to see trees. 


One thing that I love in our marriage is that we can be doing something, or nothing at all, and I love just being with this guy. He means the world to me. I am truly blessed to get to spend my whole life with this guy by my side. God knew what he was doing.

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