Monday, October 13, 2014

One. Year. Left!!!!!!!!

Trav has only one year of school left. {Now less than 300 days since publishing this post}. What did we do on this day? We spent it painting a fence. And by we, I mean, Travis. I did help, but only spent about an hour before work painting. So Travis spent his one year mark left of school painting. Not probably as memorable as he wanted it to be.

Travis thought that our fence should be painted before we move next year. By staining it, helpfully it will keep the fence longer. Although, we won't be here much longer to enjoy it, hopefully the people after us will. {And the more I think about it, I think it's just because Rob talked us it into it}



{What a stud!}


Travis is pleased with how everything turned out, but not pleased with the poison ivy that he got once again {Just fyi: I told him not to wear shorts, but the husband didn't want to listen}. LOL. That boy with poison ivy. It will last for months because he refuses to go and see a doctor {and we do have insurance}.

Now we are only hoping this year will go by fast. Maybe not too fast, because we should enjoy our moment now. But we can't wait to start our next chapter in life.


  1. Yay for him only having one more year left! People occasionally told me that college would be some of the best years of my life...but nah, I couldn't wait to get it done.

    1. You are soooo unbelievably right! :) LOL! We are so ready for July 2015!!!

      <3 Ash


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