Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ohio State Wreath

Not only is my best friend, Kate, beautiful {inside and out}, she is so, so, so talented. She loves crafting. One of the latest projects she has made was an Notre Dame wreath.

When I showed Travis the picture of her wreath, he exclaimed, "I want one!" Of course, it wouldn't be Notre Dame, but instead of Ohio State. I told Kate that she would have to help me make one for him, because my talent doesn't go as far as hers. 

One day as I came home from work, there was a big box at the front door which would be hard to miss. I knew immediately that Travis needed to open it when he got home, but he was studying until midnight. He opened it first thing in the morning, before we made breakfast.

He was so excited and looked like a kid on Christmas. Look at that grin! :) One thing that I love about Travis is that you can still see a childish {not in a bad way} part of his personality shine through.

{Even the dogs were excited AND Jax adored the wrapping paper!}

Trav ordered me "Don't put it outside." He doesn't want it to get ruined. {As you can the other wreath behind it Kate made it, and it was too pretty to put outside}.

As I gave the images and thanks to Kate she wrote back, "You're welcome, love you guys. You'll have to fluff the bow up looks like it got a lil crushed. I had to ship it promptly after I finished it because I don't think Steven wanted 'that thing' in his house. LOL." 

Kate is a perfectionist. I hope I fluffed her bow good enough {if not, when she comes over, she will fix it, lol}.


This is our favorite wreath. Who would have known that this wreath is made with a pool noodle? Awesome, right?

Thank you Kate so much! You are so beautifully talented. We LOVE it!

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