Monday, October 20, 2014

Indiana Corn Roast

If you told us about attending a corn roast in our young twenties, Travis and I would give you a look of insanity. Indiana is full of corn, and you think we would want to celebrate that by eating just corn? Really?! No thanks.

Things sure have changed since we have reached our mid twenties, because things that we would have no interest in doing, now sounds like fun. We decided to give it a go when my parents suggested going because the band from their wedding was playing. 

Although it rained most of the day, by the time we needed to leave, the weather cleared up and we headed a long way to the middle of nowhere Indiana {I'm pretty sure my dad was driving for what seemed like hours - although it wasn't}. Surprisingly, many people had the same idea, because we pulled up with quite a bit of people. We were curious to see if it was any different than what we were thinking it might be.

Nope. It was just what it is called: a corn roast. They roast corn. LOL. 

There was corn EVERYWHERE. People were waiting in line to get corn. Right next to the corn stations, there were these huge containers of melted butter to dip your corn in. So you can only imagine how truly healthy it was. But man, it was good. And of course, to go with the corn, was beer. What a perfect combo right? Hahahaha.

We probably ended up more corn that day, than we have in our whole twenty some years of living.


My parents told us the story of that at the time when they wanted to book the band This End Up, they were already booked because obviously, they were the best band in town and EVERYONE wanted them.

So my parents booked another band instead. One day, they got a call saying that they were now open on their wedding date, so my parents in turn booked them and canceled the band that they were originally scheduled with. And after listening to This End Up, my parents band was pretty awesome! {Although some of the members aren't the same} I could only imagine what a great time they had at their wedding, because nobody wanted the band to stop playing.

We had such a great time with the parents, eating corn, dancing and listening to their band. I see another corn roast in our future. :)

P.S. Oh yah, just a biggie, but, we came into town because Trav went and did his first job shadow!!!! Can you believe it??! It went well and Trav has high hopes. He was also told to contact them in December, or who knows, maybe in January, he'll be doing an interview. And how crazy would that be if he had a job offer in the beginning of the year. How awesome of a year beginning would that be? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PRETTY.FREAKIN.AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I had actually never heard of a corn roast before reading this post (despite having been born in South Carolina and living here my whole life). Maybe I should go to one sometime!

    1. Oh Robin, you should! :) It was a lot more fun that I could ever imagine. Or I guess it may be my old age. LOL.

      <3 Ash


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