Tuesday, October 7, 2014

He Said it :)

And sweet heavens, I did not prop this. It came as a text that completely surprised me. This was after his day at work and he was done grabbing dinner :) 

Although we're not fully in the wanting-to-have kids stage just yet, our future planning {and looking at houses} depends on our future family.

Just a little secret that I've been holding:

I want a big family.

And when I say a "big" family...

let's just say the magic number is uh...
seven. :)

...You can stop laughing now. Hahaha. {Just kidding, I'm still laughing too, but I'm serious, although I'll probably be crazy laughing in a few years!!}....

When I told my dad my magic number he laughed, "I'm going to have to get a second job! Grand kids are expensive!"

Trav's magic is number is two - three at most.

But whatever God blesses us with (adopted or not) we will be happy with. :)

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